Thursday Evening, December 7

1) After a day back at the office yesterday, my cold grabbed back at me with its mucilaginous fingers and I ended up back in my sickbed today. Bleah!

1a) Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, though, I did at least get some work done. Wrestling with website content . . .

2) Five minutes ago would have been a good time to go to dinner, since the children decided to sing the Yelling Song during Stomping Time - but things have quieted down.

3) Repeal Day is tomorrow night! Sweet mercy goodness . . .

BONUS: Just got my train certificates in the mail. Saturday I can run along to the Gare du Sud and book my tickets to New York for New Year's week. Hurrah!

BONUS II: I almost feel obligated to put on Tora! Tora! Tora! since today is Pearl Harbor Day.