Sunday, November 5

1) A beautiful day at home, with more domesticity crossed off my list than usual.

1a) I must say, last week was exceptionally low for me, and today felt like that black mood was lifting.

2) The news of the shooting in Sutherland Springs led me to ye Twyttyr, where I was appalled at how the discussion was hijacked by a) some bizarre conspiriacy theories, and b) some very bad spelling.

3) Speculating about traveling in Europe again next year. As it happens, the O***** E****** departs Budapest the day before my birthday for London, and Budapest was definitely near the top of my list . . . and I haven't really been to London to be there since Christmas of 1988  . . .

3a) But the Greek Islands were also near the top of my list, so here's a photo of me on Patmos from October, 2016.