Friday, November 10 - Veterans Day Observed

1) After my late night at the Lizard Lounge, I scandalized myself by not getting out of bed until 9:30 AM and then not getting a move on until about 12:30.

At the General Mail Facility, Boston.

At the General Mail Facility, Boston.

2) Heading to the General Mail Facility (GMF) at South Station, I was touched to find this Veterans Day tribute in front of the memorial plaques to USPS employees who had died in the armed forces.

3) Lunch at Scollay Squayah. I gave myself points for resisting the mac and cheese, but still had fries with my sandwich. #babysteps

4) Afternoon at the Athenaeum writing on the third floor.

5) Ladies and gentlemen, it's Boston, it's November, it gets cold around now. This is nothing to be astonished about.

6) An atmosphere of tension as I crossed the Boston Common. Pedestrians getting in the way of traffic, a driver who didn't know where to go, people misunderstanding directions.

7) I go to the cinema so rarely it's almost an annual event. Getting to the L***'s Boston Common makes me miss the movie palaces of yore. These spaces are so utllitarian and unattractive - and seeing the volume of trash left behind by moviegoers, one understands why.

8) Previews. Because I never go to the movies, I miss out on previews. Now, having sat through quite a few, I'm very interested in Darkest Hour*, The Greatest Showman, and . . . oh, there was one other and I can't remember!

9) Of the film, the new Murder on the Orient Express, more later. Watch this space!

10) Afterwards, good subway connections, grocery shopping, stew from the neighbors, a note from Mother, and more of The Riviera Set, which I picked up yesterday.

* In no small part because a dear friend gave me Clementine Churchill's biography last Christmas. What a fascinating and commanding and organized woman!