Breakfast by Candlelight, Vol. 13, Issue 5

File this under "Gracious Living" instead of "Perfect Propriety" if you must, but let's face it: the darkness of winter can be more difficult to face on some days than others. For those whose daily routines begin as early as 5:00 AM, the dark months can seem to go on for eternity. Etiquetteer has one possible remedy to suggest. Why not have your breakfast by candlelight? No special menu is needed; just enjoy your usual breakfast. But if you're more a breakfast-on-the-go type, it helps to set a place at the table as you would for any other meal. Before electric lights, the rule for dinner parties was one candle per person at table. Dust off a couple, light up, turn off the rest of the lights, and postpone the rush and bustle of the day for this one moment. You will feel that much more Perfectly Proper for the rest of the day.

And candlelight is so kind to the complexion.