National Common Courtesy Day, Vol. 18, Issue 11

Yes, it’s another one of those National Days. This time it’s National Common Courtesy Day. Common courtesy must be in danger if we need to have a day for it! Practice these Perfectly Proper Acts of Common Courtesy today, and every day.

  • Hold the door for someone else.

  • Be quiet: no one needs to know what’s emitting from your earphones/earbuds.

  • Be quiet: that crinkly candy wrapper is disturbing everyone!

  • Get out of the way.

  • Be on time.

  • Use exact change, without taking too much time about it.

  • Offer your seat to someone who needs it.

  • Say the magic words! “Please” and “thank you” are far more effective than “Abracadabra.”

  • Never ever ask “Don’t you know who I am?”

  • Brush your teeth.

  • Be good to Norah and Ito after I’m gone.

  • And don’t forget to smile.