Seasonal Shoes, or Not?, Vol. 15, Issue 49

You have all heard Etiquetteer inveigh against White Shoes After Labor Day often enough to know that it's not Perfectly Proper. The marvelous Miss Manners had a wonderful solution for how to get around a desire for pale shoes outside summer, which she put forward in her Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior: just call them "bone."

Best Society also uses the official end of the summer season* to lay away obviously summer things like linen. Which leads to today's conundrum: a pair of natural-colored linen shoes.

They aren't white, but they are linen. What do you think, readers? Could these shoes be worn with even a vestige of Perfect Propriety until, say, Hallowe'en? Or should they be properly treed and stored until next Memorial Day? Why not use the Etiquetteer contact form to express an opinion? Etiquetteer predicts some strong views on the subject.

*As opposed to the autumnal equinox, which is the natural end of the season.