Graduation Gifts, Vol. 15, Issue 33

Dear Etiquetteer:

My brother is co-hosting a high school graduation party early next month for my niece with a family on the same street that they have known for 15 years or so. The other family's boy is also graduating from the same high school. It seems that my niece and this other young man have been in a casual dating relationship for some time, although both are headed to colleges in different cities in September. I have only met the young man once (he seems very nice), but have never engaged him in a real conversation. As the party is co-hosted (in a function hall), I'm wondering whether I should bring a gift for my niece's boyfriend?

Others in the family are wondering the same thing, so thank you for your insight!

Dear Gifting:

While by no means required, Etiquetteer would consider it a Gesture of Goodwill, not only toward your niece's graduating boyfriend, but also your brother's family, to bestow a small gift on this Young Gentleman who appears to Mean Something to your niece. Well, at least he seems not to be at the stage where he Has Meant Something . . . but clearly these families are linked by 15 years of neighborliness. Your thoughtfulness will impress both him and his parents, and those good feelings will redound both on you, and your brother's family.

Some Useful Gift for College Life couldn't come amiss, but of course Etiquetteer is fond of stationery. Please, at least, think of something more original than a gift card.