Monday Evening, September 9

1) Today started my first full week at home since I left ye Instytytte at the end of July. I’d be scared to death if I wasn’t so sleepy.

1a) So I am actually going to be at home next weekend - and I will be holding a yard sale Saturday morning! Look soon for more details.

2) This morning, writing to a friend, I had occasion to remember the central message of Kathleen Tessaro’s novel Elegance: “Never be seduced by anything that isn’t first-rate.” This evening, reading the news, I considered that’s never more true than when thinking of one’s leaders, political or otherwise - but especially political. “Never be seduced by anything that isn’t first-rate.”

3) I was at a yoga weekend at the home of friends in Vermont - just got back last night - and it reinforced what I already knew - Daddy has to get to work! Oof!