Friday Morning, September 6

“I ran away . . . and these kind friends have taken me in. I wanted to be quiet and think things over.” — the Countess Olenska, The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton

1) Today is a Friday that feels like a Saturday. I drove up to Vermont last night with one of my friends who is hosting an informal yoga weekend. Soaking in a hot tub at midnight looking at more stars than one can see in the city, a line of trees in the distance backlit by the lights of a distant town - it’s all so beautiful and so remote.

2) There are three of us here right now - my hosts and myself - each of us operating independently about our own business. Unfortunately for me that is mostly brooding about having caused offense to someone (not to anyone here) whose attitude has changed and now resembles Prince Albert’s to his uncle after his marriage to Queen Victoria: “You will confine yourself to family matters.” And yet there are so many more practical things that require my attention . . . and I have this glorious day in the beautiful beautiful place in which to accomplish things!

3) This morning with my first cup of coffee in hand I saw a flock of 19 turkeys of different sizes stalking into a field! And just now a hummingbird flitting and hovering by the large windows. To me these are harbingers of a good weekend to come.