Thursday Morning, July 18 - Tech Issues

1) Last night, to my horror, I found out that some friends put a photo of me through that ye FyceYppe everyone’s talking about - without my permission. So aside from the fact that the Russkies know everything about me now, what’s horrifying is the strong resemblance to my father and recognition of one of my cousins. The relief, of course, is that my hair is still all there. And it looks fabulous.

1a) This technology could be used for so much evil. Isn’t it bad enough they already have all our credit info after the Yquifyxxe hacking?

2) Also last night, I began to set up an account on ye Instygrymme for the first time, which one would think would be very very simple since the entire world is already on it successfully. WRONG! First, error messages about my username already being in use, and then, after surmounting that hurdle, the error message that the email address was already being used on another account. Attempts to get a lost password email at those addresses were met with a “No users known” error message. A friend found the right page on their help menu to send a message; THAT came back with “The requested page cannot be found.” I really have no idea what to do next.

2a) Mercury must be retrograde. What other explanation could there be?

3) At least the coffee maker works. :-)