Memorial Day 2019 - Professional, Political, Personal

1) As usual, Memorial Day is a work day for those of us who do Reunions. This year I made it to the office at 9 and left at 4:45 after a good and productive day. And a good thing, too, ‘cause tomorrow will be a very early and a very busy day. And may I say - I WORK WITH GREAT PEOPLE. Not everyone can say that!

2) Three political items have dominated the parts of my mind not concentrated on work:

  • First off, the President is in Japan on Memorial Day. Others have pointed out that the Opposition News Network would be having a field day if any other President had chosen this particular time to go. (That said, Japan is our ally now, of course.) And really, who cares what the NK dictator thinks about Biden or other candidates?!

  • Second, and MOST alarming, is the administration’s attack on Knowledge by altering the terms of future climate studies. This is nothing short of outrageous! These bullies are trying to restrict what we know and how we learn in a way I can only consider Soviet. Is this what we want America to be?!

  • Lastly, antigay/totally gay disgraced Republican Congressman Aaron Schock has been even further disgraced by the leak of - how shall I say this? - video of him engaged in his own pleasure. I am tempted to see in this a gay remake of Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth with Mr. Schocker as Lily Bart. It could totally work! Instead of a house party, he’s off to CPAC. His constant flirting with his “true nature” leads to his downfall among the Conservatives, and he ends up a drug-addicted pole dancer.

3) Personally, I am feeling good. How rare right before Reunions! My Libra horoscope this morning said “Let your optimism permeate the day.” And, unusually, this has been easy to do.

3a) My wonderful sister has successfully engaged an estate agent to sell off the remaining contents of the house, and the first pictures were posted today on ye Fycebykke. Resolutely putting it all in the past; it’s time for this uncertain chapter to come to an end.