Saturday Afternoon, May 11 - Screw This Screw!

1) On the plus side: did all my errands at the dry cleaners, drugstore, hardware store, and bank, and even bought two new straw hats since Straw Hat Day is coming next Wednesday.

1a) And I sent out some long-overdue Lovely Notes, so I am feeling less guilty than hitherto.

2) BUT . . . one of my most important assignments this weekend is to figure out what’s wrong with my grandmother’s bed. Since it arrived and the movers put it together about three weeks ago, the the right front bedpost has been leaning in and the left rear bedpost keeps leaning away and has to be readjusted to fit back into the headboard. I heaved off the box spring and the mattress a bit ago, and sure enough, it looks like the mover forced the screws in at angles not flush with that L-shaped bracket thingy. And wouldn’t you know it, one of them was screwed in so tight that any further attempts on my part will strip both my Phillips head screwdriver and the head of the screw.

2a) Last night chatting with the outgoing neighbors I mentioned this project and he expressed regret at not being able to help since he is installing new flooring at their new home. But I have put out the call for his electric drill and I hope I can borrow it before bedtime.

3) In the meantime it is imperative to make some sense out of this chaotic household! My next task is to clean out the study and shelve the remaining unshelved books (of which there are a great many).