Thursday Morning, April 4

1) Yesterday my wonderful sister supervised the move-out of my things from our parents’ home; their journey to Boston has begun, and I had better be ready!

1a) How fortunate that I’m now able to give away furniture that has been given to me over the last 35 years. The cedar chest from a redecorating tenant at ye Vyndyme in college, the pine nightstand someone left behind in the foyer on Beacon Street, the beautiful cherry coffee table from ye Hyrtwood from a redecorating friend - these and my pine bookcases are all being received gladly by my upstairs neighbors, who are themselves moving.

2) Yoga last night at the home of friends. I really needed that.

3) They taught me that if you open the Bible at the middle it’ll automatically come to Psalms. Surprise! Mother’s Lamsa Bible opens to Job 17, and how’s this for a morning wakeup call, verse 4: “For thou hast hid their heart from understanding; therefore they shall exalt themselves in their deception.”