Thursday Midday, April 4

1) Back in the 1980s I read both The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged for my father, and I hope I never have to read them again. I say this in spite of Ayn Rand’s beautiful descriptive prose, which is often swamped by her dogma*. This morning, reading this article about Guns Down America grading American banks on their dealings with the gun industry reminded me of the lesson of Ellsworth Toohy in the former novel. He advised whichever young architect it was who wasn’t Howard Roark just to get out there and create one’s own structure. About one third through the novel this little nothing architectural group started making statements about issues in the public eye. By the end of the novel that little upstart group was the dominant force in the industry. And that’s just what Guns Down America is doing.

2) The horoscope indicated that this is a day for diplomacy, and it certainly is.

3) Remembering my first trip to Versailles in 2008: my initial disappointment seeing the front of the palace clogged with tour buses and scaffolding, the special exhibition of Jeff Koons sculptures all over the place, the crowds, the beauty, lunch in the old boathouse, bicycling around the canal. How can that have been ten years ago?!

*Her opening of The Fountainhead describing naked Howard Roark diving from a rocky cliff and swimming across a lake . . . I don’t remember the words, but I remember the impact they had on a closeted twentysomething. Twwwwaaaaaannnnnnngggg!