Saturday Midday, April 27

1) This morning over my first cup of coffee I started writing about the Week in Review. And then I stopped, realizing how f*****’ whiny it sounded. Who needs it?!

2) While the three-month anniversary of Mother’s death is May Day, I’m cheating a bit and going back to colors today so I can go to a couple big parties this weekend. Time to fold away the black and dark gray and bring out the bow ties and novelty socks again.

2a) But even with the end of “official” mourning, I am still feeling - well, I don’t know if “introspective” or “fragile” is the right word - but “overwhelmed” certainly figures.

3) This morning I channeled my inner Imelda Marcos and went downtown to buy shoes. Last year I started off Reunions with the WRONG pair of shoes and ended up with such an appalling migraine that I had to stagger through the rest of the weekend in a floppy pair of unbleached linen espadrilles that didn’t go with any of my suits. This year I now have some smart black shoes that fit properly.

4) Irresistibly I drifted over to ye Bryttle Bookstore, where on every shelf I found at least one book I already owned. That happens more and more . . . inside, three student actresses were filming a scene for a movie at the cash register. The dialogue included the title of a book something like “Know Your Own Vagina” and the line “We don’t want you to do anything by yourself.”

4a) After browsing I came away with a paperback of July 1914, which I read a few years ago but don’t own. With some rain coming down, I retreated to the Marliave for shrimp scampi and coffee. And now, it’s off to the office for a few hours of productivity before a party!