Tuesday Midday, March 5

1) It just came to me, reading this article, “A new Luxury Retreat Caters to Elders in Tech (Ages 30 and Up”: I don’t have time to think! I’m either on the hamster wheels (work, domesticity, creativity, guilt about lack of creativity) that I don’t have time to think. And of course all the Big Issues are on the table right now, much more so than at any other time in my life.

2) Pink is kind of a borderline color in the mourning palette; mourning is now generally considered as black, white, gray, and purple, while second mourning or half mourning is just the absence of red, blue, green, and yellow. But pink was the only clean dress shirt in the closet, so pink it is today.

2a) When I’m in mourning I tend to notice more when people dress in the mourning palette, and one of my colleagues showed up today in quite a stylish look of black and pale grey with what looked like a bib necklace of faux moonstones. Fabulous.

3) “The blazing sunshine and the biting cold” should be a line in a poem, but it perfectly describes today.