Return to Lake Charles, Day Five: The Last Night

1) Tonight is my last night in the home of my parents. The place feels adrift with furniture out of place, things scattered on the floor, uncertainty in the air.

2) But at this point I'm so weary I will just have to be comfortable with missing something.

3) After next week (or whenever my own things are shipped out), nothing that remains here will be special any longer. They will be items without history for strangers to make their own.

4) Everything is packed as well as I can pack it - and if that isn't good enough for the movers, then I had better be prepared for heartbreak. Visions of smashed crystal and broken furniture dance in my head.

5) Should have been blogging yesterday and today, but so very much to do, so many people to see and talk to, and so much trash to take out . . . my head didn’t have the space.

6) Tomorrow morning we have to put out the trash, go out to breakfast, finish my packing, visit the cemetery one last time, and then go to the airport.

7) And then I begin the third phase of my life. The first phase ended when I completed my education and joined the workforce full time. The second phase ended now. What will the last third of my life be like? What will I make of it?