Monday Morning, October 7 - Wedding Ring

1) One of the big discoveries after Mother died was finding my father's wedding ring (which he never wore - he wasn't a ring guy), which had been his mother’s. I don’t think she wore it much either, which might explain why she gave it to Daddy for his wedding in 1955.

2) Grampa, who was so poor he had to get married in his Army uniform ‘cause he couldn’t afford a suit, obviously didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a ring, either. For all I know he picked this one up at a dime store.

3) We’d always been told that it was engraved on the inside “Love is reflected in love.” I’m wearing it today, stacked with a couple jade and rose quartz rings I got in Provincetown, and I took it off to look at the inscription. There it is, in capital letters: “LOVE IS REFLECTED IN LOVE.” But right after it I noticed for the first time in smaller letters: “To M.E.” (Granny’s name was Mary Ella.) I love that Grampa personalized the ring for her in that way; it makes it that much more special.