Saturday Morning, January 26

1) This morning’s devotional included #291 from Gracián’s The Art of Worldly Wisdom: ‘Know how to test others. Let attentiveness and good judgment penetrate gravity and reserve. It takes great powers of judgment to measure someone else’s. It is more important to know the qualities and temperaments of people than those of stones and herbs. This is one of the subtlest things in life. Metals are identified by their sounds, and people by their speech. Words demonstrate integrity, and deeds even more so. Here is where one needs extraordinary care, profound observation, and critical power.” Read it, and reread it. It’s powerful.

2) Listening to Pod Save America’s discussion about Pete Buttigieg’s candidacy for President. Thoughts, feelings, thoughts, feelings, thoughts, feelings. A gay President would be so awesome, especially a gay veteran Rhodes scholar. But would he be a candidate that unites the country? Because we need a uniting candidate so much right now.

3) Coming off a low-energy week, and by low energy I mean in bed with the lights out sound asleep before 9 PM. This is rare!