Wednesday Morning, January 23

1) Coffee and devotional in bed. This season always brings out my devotion to flannel sheets.

2) Such an interesting piece in the Times this morning on ghosting. Quotable Quote: “Sometimes the best course is to let someone go, even if you were once close. Growing apart can be a friendship’s natural evolution . . . “

2a) This comes back to my allegory of one’s life as a tapestry (which I may or may not have mentioned here before). The weft (the horizontal threads) are one’s days, and the woof (the vertical threads) are the people in one’s life. Very few threads run the entire length, and some might be so short as to be marked by only a knot or a bow.

3) This is an unoriginal observation, but it’s true: January is just whooshing by. It’s practically Valentine’s Day already!