Friday Morning, February 18

1) Coffee in bed. I used to do this quite a lot, but much more rarely now. But I slept poorly, and this bed is so comfortable . . . where would this civilization be without flannel sheets?

2) Yesterday evening, waiting for dinner guests, I took this personality quiz from ye FyveThyrtyEight. The results really surprised me - and probably shouldn’t have. Can an old dog learn new tricks?

3) In this morning’s Times, a fascinating piece about alternative museum tours in museums in England from non-traditional points of view held my attention. Non-traditional as in from the point of view of cultural appropriation/looting or non-heterosexual history, etc. As one who loves museums, I love seeing how this is engaging museum goers.

BONUS) Long weekend coming, a long weekend of weather! Shoveling will certainly be a part of it, but so will yoga, half a coconut cake, and a lot of writing.