Thursday Morning, September 20

1) Yesterday was a lot about getting questions for which I didn’t have an answer: on parking (“Where is the exact entrance to the garage?”), on tech support (“Why can’t I see that on my screen?”), and forensic accounting. I had to rely on my colleagues, especially for tech support.

1a) Leaving the office later than hoped (worried I would not get to the dry cleaner before closing), suddenly this came into my head: Chopin’s nocturne opus 9, no. 2. My sweet Gramma used to play it, my mother used to play it, and I used to play it, too. And I never think of it now, so it was like a gift yesterday evening to bring me calm.

2) Plans to spend the evening communicating with a small list about a special event and working on an Etiquetteer review of Dinner in Camelot were dashed with the info that the condo association’s insurance inspection was the next day and that I would need to install new smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector beforehand. Now I can shake up a fabulous Colony Special martini, but I can barely tighten a screw in a doorknob, so you can imagine how that news left me. Thank goodness for my capable third-floor neighbor, who good-humoredly came down with his toolbox and got the job done.

3) Yesterday’s received wisdom: it’s easier (and a lot quicker) to destroy than to construct.