Wednesday, August 8

1) Because of the Comm. Ave. road work this week, I've altered my commute to Mass. Ave. and the CT1 or #1 bus. The bonus today: catching up with a rarely-seen colleague, and then completing the last leg of the commute with her and a third colleague in a glamorous Yber!

2) There are three prominent expatriates of Lago di Carlo living in Boston (in random order): myself, the Political Insider, and the Church Organist. The former's family and my mother's family have been friendly for generations, but the latter and I moved in completely different circles; in fact, we only met several years ago here in Boston. Today he and I got to catch up over lunch at ye Eastyrn Styndyrd, celebrating our shared cultural heritage with iced tea and central air conditioning, and comparing notes and old movies over cheeseburgers. It's the best thing that could have happened today.

3) Led a brainstorm in the afternoon to get more WOW and WHIZ-BANG into some of our reunion programs.