Tuesday, August 28 - National Bow Tie Day

Today has felt like a creative renaissance after a period of a few weeks in the doldrums:

1) Why yes, today was National Bow Tie Day, and I took all those photos within 10-20 minutes early this morning - and still got to work ten minutes early. #mbtawin

1a) I had planned to do this for some time, but then - whoops, suddenly it's the day! Glad I got it done, but while done is better than good, I wish I hadn't put myself in a situation where I had to rush.

2) A bit of a breakthrough in a presentation I'm working on for next month's conference.

3) Because of an iimpromptu invitation for tomorrow night, I ended up rushing through a special project for Etiquetteer (that you should be on the lookout for on Thursday . . .) that involved moving a martini, martini shaker, lawn chair, and candelabra into the garden while wearing full-on black tie - during a heat wave.

3a) And I should mention that I popped not one but two buttons from my formal black waistcoat. My waistline has become entirely too Victorian.

3b) And the best part of it was the appearance of my third-floor neighbors, intrigued, amused, and supportive - especially the children. We ended up have some wonderful talk!