Tuesday Evening, August 14

1) The feeling of physical and emotional heaviness.

2) Today I finished Ward Morehouse III's The Waldorf-Astoria: America's Gilded Dream, rather a corporate hagiography gilded with some interesting social history about the iconic 20th-century hotel. Reading the chapter on the famous April in Paris Ball brought me uncomfortably back to the days of my youth, when grand events were so much a part of what I wanted to do. All the lists of the powerful patronesses, the chinchilla coats and cases of rare wines raffled off, the logistics of getting Elsa Maxwell and an elephant into the grand ballroom, trying to color-coordinate the toilet paper (which they attempted in 1961) . . . it just underscored not only how much my work has changed in the last five years, but how far my desires and interests have moved to a different part of the spectrum.

3) I am my own scullion.

BONUS: This afternoon a friend liked several - well I won't say old - several photos posted some years ago on ye Fycebykke, and it's been quite a surprise to see people getting interested in them.