Friday Morning, July 6

1) I dreamt that a colleague and I met Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex in an airport in the Pacific Northwest, where we'd all gone for a photo shoot. The three of us were sitting outside in the rain (but not getting wet) on the stairs they wheel up to the plane. I asked her "Will your husband be joining you?" Later my colleague and I were walking about 20 feet behind the Duchess in a parking lot. The raindrops seemed to be falling in a beautiful rhythm. After I observed this to my colleague, it turned out the raindrops were white Christmas lights.

2) So, Independence Day. In the morning I welcomed two close friends to breakfast (it was the best time for us to meet). Sometimes there's nothing like dining room breakfast. And in the evening a friend in Faht Hill had a very small group over to his roofdeck, where we had splendid views of fireworks on three sides. Straight ahead through the trees, downtown Boston. To the left and across Tremont Street, Mission Hill. And to the right, practically under our noses, Faht Hill itself, where the neighbors must have cleaned out a dealer in New Hampshire. Beautiful all around - I remember some very special jewel-toned ones in red, blue, and orange - but some of them went off uncomfortable close to the ground.

2a) Seeing people waving sparklers reminded me of a forgotten incident when I was about 7, of stepping on a spent sparkler in our front yard with my bare foot. Yowch!

3) Home writing today, eager for this promised rainy, windy weather to begin!