Thursday Evening, June 21

1) Problem: Indigestion; foreboding (unrelated to indigestion). Solution: whirlpool tub and Colony Special martini.

2) I had no idea today was the solstice. It's almost 8:30, and I'm out on my back porch enjoying the cool and fading light.

3) Things come to you at the right time. Several years ago two dear friends gave me Antonia Fraser's memoir Must You Go? about her life with Harold Pinter. And I have resisted it because, while I've read some of Fraser's books and like them, I'm not a Pinter fan - not by a long shot. But about a week ago it was the right time, and I have been enjoying every page so far, from their fateful meeting at an opening night party that led to each of them leaving their marriages to create a life together. And while lounging in the tub this evening, I found today's Quote of the Day, which responded in part to my sense of foreboding:

"Nevertheless Harold strongly rebutted the idea that the artist was honour-bound to stick to his art and had no duties as a citizen. He believed the artist had in fact special duties just because he was at the same time a citizen: it was a concept he would stress with increasing conviction as time passed."