Friday Morning, June 1

1) Yesterday night I was draming about walking and there was a swinging string of crystal beads. It arced over and behind my head, and I felt abig thunk as the large crystal at the end of the string hit me in the back of the head! I remember seeing it and only it; a chunk had broken off due to the impact. Then I woke up (it was about 2 AM) and shortly I had a terrific headache.

1a) THIS morning I'm having back porch coffee, work email, and social media.

1b) Yesterday I also completely forgot about a 9 AM appointment on campus. I have another one today that I am NOT forgetting.

2) Yesterday was the closest I've come to having a freakout - so much to handle in a shrinking amount of time. But that usually happens much sooner so . . . progress?

3) We now enter the time of year when anxiety about the weather takes over. And looking at today's extended forecast, which is rain or dark clouds until Wednesday only relieved by sun on Sunday, I'm hoping to appease the sun god enough to come out Thursday and stay out until Sunday evening. No one wants to go to the rain plan!