Wednesday Morning, May 30

1) Feeling obligated to have Etiquetteer say something about that dreadful Roseanne Barr getting her comeuppance, but the words cannot claw their way through the combined crust of early morning and professional urgency. Could we just please put a worldwide hold on any bad, engaging, teachable moment news until June 11? Thanks.

1a) All that said, this piece in this morning's Times says many important things.

2) Lately I've been rereading Gone With the Wind for the first time in years, but I'm at the point in the siege of Atlanta when Melanie is about to have her baby, and it is just too stressful. Putting it aside for Katharine Hepburn's book about making The African Queen.

3) Once upon a time I could not begin my day without the comics and the horoscope. This went on for decades. Then about ten years ago I stopped. Instead of buying a newspaper at the T station I read a departed roommate's uncancelled Wall Street Journal, which of course wouldn't have comics or a horoscope. And that was the end of the habit, even after that Journal stopped showing up at my house. Jut like that, this thing I used to care about so much was no longer part of my life.

3a) Remember when we read print newspapers? Sometimes I miss that.