Tuesday Morning, May 22

1) Yesterday after work a colleague and I went across campus to meet a volunteer. Chatting en route, we touched on her alma mater, ye Wyllslye Cyllyge, and she described herself as a "Hillary worshiper." Later she showed me photos of her wedding gown and headpiece, which looked to me like a white lace bandeau. "So of course you remember Hillary's Velvet Arc of Control from the 1992 campaign," I said. Her reply: "I was negative three years old then." Turns out she was born after i'd been working at MIT for five years. #agingactressyesterdaysglamorqueen

2) This morning it's Rachmaninoff's Vocalise.

3) I must say, this history of Charlie Chan I'm reading is really engaging. So many threads - the real life Honolulu detective Chang Apana, the history of Hawaiian trade/agriculture that brought so many Chinese workers to the islands and to America, the life experiences of Chan's creator (and Hahvahd grad) Earl Derr Biggers, and the life experiences of the author, who left China two years after Tiananmen Square, operated a Chinese restaurant in Tuscaloosa (of all places), and then went North for education. I'm loving it.