Sunday, May 20

1) Up just after 5 AM quite naturally. Devotional, coffee, breakfast, cleaning of bathroom fixtures, social correspondence, and then out the door to the office.

2) Sometimes another person's troubles benefit you. Today, I was shocked to see a 47 bus pull up half an hour early! Turns out a driver was late or something (I don't need to know the details, I just need to be grateful), and it was really the earlier bus 30+ minutes late. That bus driver's delay got me to work sooner.

3) Five good hours in the office including a) perpetual correspondence with a particular volunteer, preparations for a class's resort activites, and especially c) developed a presentation for which I'd been asked to use more humor.

3a) Now I just need to figure out how to make gifs work in ye Pywyrpynnte.

4) Absorbed in that Charlie Chan history I mentioned yesterday, but put it aside for an evening of domesticity, catch-up with the neigbhors, and some writing.