Tuesday Night, May 15

1) May 14 is special because it's my parents' wedding anniversary (1955) and my sister's birthday (erty-farf years later). May 15 is special because of birthdays: my best friend's, Original Boss's, and (bwaahahaha) the Final Roommate's, whose True Age I have not forgotten.

2) After a reasonable day at the office, left shortly after 5 PM on foot for Kendall Squayah, about five minutes before the heavens opened up. Thank goodness for the tunnel system on campus! And I discovered some wonderful murals en route.

3) Saturated to the thighs, I squshed into ye Cytylyst for Best Friend's birthday dinner. At different points in the evening the sunlight outside was golden, yellow-green, or orange due to the storm. Fascinating.

3a) Our party of five enjoyed a mighty fine dinner: for me, lamb meatballs served with very thinly sliced cucumber, chicken with lemon and barley risotto, and the most heavenly milk chocolate mousse. And because we are all in our fifties, we talked about real estate values, air travel to glamorous destinations, and some of the more ominous, and humorous, aspects of healthcare.

3b) I must say, their new Upside Down cocktail is going to be my new go-to drink there.