Films for Mother's Day

The original Mother's Day double feature, which I think was 1992, is Mildred Pierce, with Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth, and Madame X with Lana Turner and a young and beautiful Keir Dullea. But of course there are some wonderful old movies besides these to enjoy on Mother's Day.

Imitation of Life - "LOVE?! But you've always had THAT!"

Now, Voyager - "No member of the Vale family has ever had a nervous breakdown."

Psycho - "Mother's not herself today." I will never see this movie because I enjoy showering too much.

A Summer Place - "I want you to take off every stitch you've got on and let him examine you."

The Manchurian Candidate - one of Angela Lansbury's greatest performances

Carrie - never seen it, never will.

And of course Mommie Dearest.