Wednesday Night, April 25

1) This evening at a small birthday party for a friend, two interesting experiences:

1a) Vivid memories of my first (and so far only) vacation in Hollywood long ago in 1994 with two friends, and hanging around in the hot tub at hotel where we were staying (the one that's not the Mondrian but the other one*), being joined by a man and two women, one of whom was trying to sell us some Renoir etchings.

1b) For the first time in many a year, achieving almost instant rapport with a stranger, a remarkable woman, a relative of the host. Over birthday cake we talked about Follies, Yankee vs. Greek culture, life experiences - all at a rapid pace. I found myself charmed - and because of the angle at which I was sitting, sometimes blinded by the chandelier across the room.

2) Today's essential forgotten accessory: a raincoat. Had I known it'd be chucking down all day and night, I'd've done more for myself than carry an umbrella. Wasn't it supposed to be lovely all week?!

3) Trying to formulate a column of observations on the successful state dinner, but I just can't find some essential references in J.B. West's Upstairs at the White House, so I'll hope for better fortune tomorrow.

*In the words of the late Karen Richards, "Where were we going that night, Lloyd and I? The things you remember, and the things you don't."