Tuesday Morning, April 24

1) So encouraged by the news of details for tonight's state dinner for the President of France. It looks like Mrs. Trump has planned something lovely, and I'm particularly impressed that she did it without a professional event planner, which has been the trend.

1a) Also a little amused that the china she chose was the Clinton china, since it's clearly the goldest.

1b) And I'm also pleased that the Washington National Opera is performing. Nothing against pop entertainers (the Eisenhowers often had Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians entertain at state dinners) but for a state dinner, I think classical music is, um, statelier.

2) I got home late after last night's webinar (which went well), only to complete a short-notice project with a deadline, and then fall like concrete into bed.

3) Alumni relations is often like therapy, and I calcluate I spent two hours 18 minutes total on the phone yesterday as therapist for four different people.