Friday, March 9 - One Year Later

1) One year ago today I started this personal blog, This Is Robert Talking (and later This Is Robert Talking - the Dark Side of Etiquetteer), as a reaction to my increasing frustration with ye Fycebykke. It's interesting to see how my three-part status updates have become less brief (and less witty) and become more "This is what my day was like." Overall, though, it's been a good change for me . . . even though I can't bring myself to leave ye Fycebykke altogether, as a friend just did. If only there was another social media platform where we could all go and be happy together without having our content curated and managed and organized for us (and inflitrated by ads) . . . once I'd hoped that would be Ello, but that just turned into another way to see pretty pictures, and after they were overrun with Russian sexbots last year I left.

1a) All that said, right now I'm engaged in two different threads on ye Fycebykke that remind me how valuable it is to see thoughtful and respectful debate among people from opposite sides of the issue at hand. I am truly grateful to learn more from the people I know.

2) A late night at the office saw me home at 10:30ish and falling into bed like a stone about 11. Four hours later I woke from heavy sleep feeling as though my jaw was clamped shut and my shoulders and upper back carved from granite. I finally had to get out of bed, take two ibuprofen, and stand under a shower head set to Obliterate for 20 minutes to relax. Back in bed, I was thinking, "What on earth could have made this happen?" And then I remembered shoveling half of our long sidewalk yesterday morning . . .

3) Cathleen Calvert: "And then . . .  and then he refused to marry her!"

Scarlett: [whispers in her ear.]

Cathleen: [looks knowingly] "No, but she was ruined just the same."