Wednesday, March 21

1) Yesterday being the first day of spring, a colleague and I persuaded everyone on the team to wear something floral. This actually involved me bringing in a couple floral neckties for a colleague who doesn't wear ties much. Later he reported a lot of compliments!

2) Last night for the third year I went to Taste of the South End as the guest of my friend Carl. Fabulous negronis in the Room No Longer Referred to as the VIP Room yielded the most fabulous event souvenir: faux-sapphire-tipped swizzle sticks.

2a) It's funny sometimes, the momentary rage for a souvenir. My delight in those swizzle sticks reminded me of my first ball for the Pastel Prison, for which the event planners arranged for Egyptian charms to be tied around all the napkins. One lady was so excited about them she commandeered ALL of them at her table and made them into a necklace.

3) Someone needs to write Fifty Million Users, a parody of Fifty Million Frenchman (a musical of which I know nothing but the name), about Cambridge Analytica.

BONUS: OMG, I cannot believe how people are just losing their minds over another snowstorm. It's New England, it's March - snow happens!