Friday Morning, March 16

1) Yesterday might best be described as "So many carbohydrates, so little time." Om nom nom.

2) I will certainly need to get my Oscar Wilde Memorial Green Carnation today for Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow.

2a) When that LGBT group was rejected earlier this month by the Staten Island group planning their Saint Patrick's Day Parade, they should've rebranded as an Oscar Wilde Appreciation Society. After all, the parade organizer was quoted saying "Our parade is for Irish heritage and culture. It is not a political or sexual identification parade." And Wilde is undeniably one of the great Irish writers!

3) This morning's reading from Gracian's The Art of Worldly Wisdom included "No one looks directly at the sun, but everyone does when it is eclipsed. The vulgar will fasten upon your one failing rather than on your many successes." And how true that is!