Thursday Morning, Ides of March, 2018

1) Oldest Nephew Who Must Not Be Tagged gave me last Christmas a daily calendar of Shakespearean insults. It's been a big hit with me; I keep it at the office. The insults for Presidents Day and International Women's Day pulled no punches! (But I didn't save them, so don't ask what they were.) So I expected something good for the Ides of March, and instead got this from The Two Gentlemen of Verona: "How now, you whoreson peasant! Where you have been these two days loitering?" Which is rather off topic when considering regicide.

2) A nap + (1.5 manhattans + 1 plate of the spaghettini alfredo special + 2 chapters of The Colony: Portrait of a Restaurant) + Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" on repeat + online solitaire = last night

3) This winter we seem to be accumulating snow the way I tan in the summer: burn and fade, burn and fade, resulting in freckles and sunspots.