Monday Morning, March 12

1) Mercy goodness, it looks like we have another nor'easter coming Tuesday night, and people are just losing their minds. PEOPLE! We got through the winter of 2015, and we will get through this! Calm yourselves down and go stock up on French toast ingredients. Don't forget the cinnamon and vanilla.

1a) Interestingly, Tuesday afternoon I'm supposed to have a meeting with my oldest reunion committee at the office. I rather think we should reschedule.

2) This morning's devotional included a reading from How to Manage Your Day-to-Day about managing one's use of social media; the phrase "logging on with intention" somehow was the most important thing. And later I fully recognized that the only reason I logged onto ye Fycebykke was to post an opinion piece from the Times that I found meaningful.

3) I stand at the threshold of a new week not yet clear where it will take me. What's most present is the completion of projects over the last three days, not anticipation of work yet to be done - or indeed, of opportunities not yet clear or contemplated. Well, except snow shoveling. Let's see where it goes!