Sunday Night, March 11 - the Weekend Ends

Aside from the adventure of speaking at the WGBH Masquerade, it was an active weekend:

1) Saturday I was very surprised to run into a colleague twice: first on the platform at Green Station, and later outside Doyle's (!) at midday.

2) With my new presciption in my hands, it was off to Wahby Pahkah for new glasses at last. Madly, impetuously, I ended up getting three pairs, including sunglasses. Rejoicing that they still had my current frames.

3) Friends were quite right; I have very much enjoyed the podcast You Must Remember This. And I would love for Carina Longworth to do an episode on all the films made in 1939 by the cast of Gone With the Wind. Among others there's Stagecoach, The Rains Came, These Glamour Girls, Each Dawn I Die, The Women, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, and dozens and dozens more.

4) It's so valuable for me to have an unscheduled day in which to accomplish things.