Friday Midday, February 23

1) I just want you to know that I am actively resisting posting a link on ye Fycebykke to every news story I read today. You're welcome. :-)

2) It ain't spring yet, but "Spring Waters" is the best soundtrack for today. I forget how I happened to discover this song a year or two ago, but I find it ravishing with its sound-images of water rushing through slabs of ice in a riverbed, of Hope for the future:

2a) Mme. Gheorghiu's gown looks remarkably like Luise Rainer's negligee in The Great Ziegfeld.

3) No longer working in the hotbox since they replaced the office thermostat, but yesterday it was the icebox instead; inside it hovered between 66 and 67 degrees all day! They have now removed the new thermostat completely and will come back to install correctly. Working in comfort today.