Friday Morning, Groundhog Day 2018

1) Remember biorhythms? I swear that right now I'm at the bottom of the physical cycle, slaughtered by fatigue. Three days running I have been irresistibly sleepy in the late afternoons, and have collapsed into bed for an hour of intense sleep just before or just after dinner. It's ridiculous.

1a) As the Scarlet Pimpernel said, "You know I've just been to Bath to be cured of the fatigue, and now I find I'm so fatigued by the cure, that I simply must go back to Bath again . . . to be cured of the fatigue."

1b) I remember we had our biorhythms read at some point in the 1970s; it must have been at an Automotive Wholesalers convention to which Daddy'd brought all of us. Mother might still have the report somewhere at home, printed on a dot-matrix printer. Whatever the high day was for all three cycles (physical, emotional, intellectual) that summer happened to be a day at church camp.

2) I was given scented candles by a couple different friends for Christmas, and they are the best gift.

3) I've begun in earnest Castiglione's The Book of the Courtier, which a friend recommended to me a looooong time ago. The first book of manners in Renaissance Europe, I'm enjoying it, but you really have to pay attention. One's eyes don't just skim along the pages.