Thursday Morning, February 15

1) Up early, and in a somber mood reading the news: the school shooting in Florida, the President's interest in selling off the airports in Washington, the massive cuts in student aid that the President and the Secretary of Education want to make. I fall to see how any of these things could make America great again.

1a) And the news of Russia already meddling in our midterm elections just adds to the worry.

2) Quote of the Day, from Walt Whitman's Calamus Poems:

"There shall be innovations.
There shall be countless linked hands—namely, the
          Northeasterner’s, and the Norwesterner’s, and
          Southwesterner’s, and those of the interior,
          and all their brood,
These shall be masters of the world under a new
They shall laugh to scorn the attacks of all the remainder
          of the world."

3) Every year Lent rolls around and I say "Robert, you ought to go back and find Rev. Peter Gomes's "How to Keep a Good Lent," and I don't do it, 'cause we never made a big fuss about Lent in the Methodist Church. So today I am at least linking to the article; it's a start.