Thursday Midday, February 15

1) So, is the glass half empty or half full? Yesterday I missed my self-imposed Etiquetteer publish deadline for the first time this year, but today I got an invitation to do a program at a fund-raiser for a prominent local organization (stay tuned for more info). I'm gonna say the glass is half full.

2) This morning's staff breakfast meeting included a surprise birthday cake presentation. From my seat I could see the cake with lit candles in the meeting room kitchen, but the colleague presenting could not. To prevent puddles of pink wax forming on the frosting, I finally spoke up: "[Insert Name of Colleague Here], I hate to interrupt, but I think we need to give the floor to [Insert Name of Cake-Bearing Colleague Here]."

2a) I could've put my entire face into that cake. #omnomnom

2b) Remind me to tell the story of how I didn't manage the surprise 50th birthday party for Original Boss without hysteria.

3) Ye Instytytte is all concerned about climate change, but still can't keep my office cooler than 74 degrees. Workin' in a hotbox here, people!