Tuesday Midday, February 13

1) The first email I read this morning informed me of the death of one of my very favorite volunteers, an elderly gentleman I've worked with almost 14 years, who died in an accident late last week. So it's been a distressing morning.

2) I'd slept badly last night as it was, after witnessing an altercation on the Ligne d'Orange, one man bullying another VERY LOUDLY with phrases like "I CAN'T F*CKIN' HEAR YOU!" and 'YOU'RE NOT AT HOME!" One my way out of the train at Gare de Back Bay I actually said to him "You're not at home either!" but I don't think he noticed.

2a) As to my own reaction, I could only hear Maggie Smith in A Room With a View saying " . . . and you've been brought up among such nice people, you do not know what men can be!"

3) Anything else is trivial after all that.