Christmas Vacation 2018, Day One - Travel

1) Right now I’m laying over at my beloved Pappadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen by Gate A24, DFW, with a big cup of coffee and a big dish of shrimp etouffée. Who cares that this is breakfast?! #omnomnom

2) I was up like a stone at 3 AM and at the airport in 45 minutes thanks to Yber. This was my first middle-of-the-night-to-the-airport ride, and the fact that the driver showed up only four minutes after I put out the call automatically made it ten times better than Boston Cab. (When they say “Ten minutes” it means “Call again in ten minutes to see if we’ve assigned a cab.”) And the cost was 50-75% less than some of the car services I’ve had to use.

2a) The down side was that the GPS sent this driver on what I’d consider a VERY indirect route through Franklin Park and Dorchester. In a taxi that would affect the price, but not in an Yber.

3) Unusually for this flight, there were a lot of young people. One young man sitting behind me was somewhat noisily speaking two languages and playing at high speed with a large Rubik’s Cube before takeoff.

4) Waiting to exit the aircraft here in DFW, I slipped my beautiful new iPhone into my jacket pocket. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t stop at the pocket and just kept slipping down the inside the jacket. Oops, didn’t know about that hole!

5) Just remembering that I left dishes to soak in the kitchen sink . . . oops again!

6) On with the journey! When I get to Lago di Carlo I expect my checked bag, a Lyfte home, my sweet mama waiting for me with a tuna sandwich, and a NAP. And then laying out battle plans for Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, and meals, not in that order.