Friday Morning, November 30

1) I must say, they mix a marvelous manhattan over at ye Cytylyst in Kendall Square. Belated birthday drinks last night with a friend saw us seated by their glass enclosed single-horizontal-line gas fireplace sipping away.

2) This new phone is already changing things for me. For a start, texting is MUCH less onerous (I know, surprise!). Second, I’m alternately appalled and fascinated to find myself scrolling the news during my commute. Finally, the alarm function is so easy I may actually toss out my disintegrating alarm clock from graduate school and just use the phone. #notquiteminimalism

2a) Where are the NSFW emojis?!

3) Over on Etiquetteer’s Fycebykke page, there’s more interest in a news story about a forest fire started by a gender reveal party than my column on Joan Crawford’s My Way of Life, which I guess doesn’t really surprise me (I mean, Joan Crawford’s been around for centuries, but the intersection of forest fires and gender reveals is VERY new), but still . . .