Tuesday Morning, November 13

1) Between 5:40 - 6:30 AM this morning, after fitful sleep, I achieved the most beautiful, contented state of deep relaxation, from which emerged just enough consciousness not to be upset when the alarm clock went off. I want to carry this feeling with me throughout the day.

1a) During this brief, beautiful period I had a dream in which Mrs. Keith appeared, the very kind and sweet Grande Dame of ye Byllyt when I worked there. She looked just as she always did, but she was upset that someone had removed a tree that had been planted by some Scandinavian dancers from the top of a hill. I turned around and, lo, there was a low hill in the sunshine from which a large tree had very clearly been removed! I suggested that [Insert Name of Unloved Person Here] had been responsible, which got general laughter and a couple gasps from the crowd.

2) Grateful to have had yesterday as a holiday, which I spent completely at home working on a project, writing, and keeping house.

3) Etiquetteer has started to remind people to update their holiday card lists, and my goodness, I sure need to start doing that myself!