Veterans Day Night, 2018 - The People You Meet

1) BRUNCH: In a development that will surprise no one, I arrived about half an hour early at Island Creek Oyster Bar for brunch with two of my closest friends. This allowed me not only the chance to enjoy an Aperol spritz at the bar first, but also to enjoy a conversation about mixology with the Handsome Bartender Younger Than I. Because our discussion started with Aperol, he actually made me a sample size of a cocktail he created involving bourbon (?) and Aperol and a few other things (“Just the essence of a few woodland herbs and flowers,” as I often say) called a Kingston . . . a Kingston . . . well, a Kingston something-or-other. And it was quite nice.

1a) Brunch with my friends, as always, yielded good, stimulating, comfortable conversation.

2) STAH MAHKET: Picking up some essential items I was very surprised to run into a) “Blodgett,” who I had just been talking about Friday night over dinner with a mutual friend, and b) the gentleman who used to run the 24-Hour Banned Book Vigil back when that used to take place during Banned Books Week.

3) YOGA: Sweet merciful heavens, I returned to yoga for the first time in far too long a time - in part because a friend was tonight’s yogi. Two or three other friends and acquaintances were there, too. After a class that really kicked my @$$, my mood brightened on the way out when I was talking with one of the two organizers. He had some information that could be really helpful to me in a creative project.